Happy New Year

We seem to be off to a slow start. IMG_20180122_143909_335.jpg


Charleston on my mind

chs pastel When I lived in Charleston, I walked past this house every day.  I took some photos of it, but also sketched it several times, never doing a completed drawing.  I look back fondly on that daily walk but have found some new places here in Cincinnati to sketch.


Abstract stress

peacockStressing out about what our world has become.  Most of my sketches have been abstract but today I pulled a peacock out of the fire.


Train a postcard from Mom

traincardFor some reason, my train didn’t want to be here.


Postcard for Zoe

post card for Zoe

Watercolor of a bulldog sent to Zoe.


Postcards from mom

postcard 2

A blogger I follow sends hand drawn postcards to various individuals.  He records the cards and indicates who received the cards.  Years ago I sent hand drawn cards to one friend who was dying and I could not go to see her.  The blogger’s post revived my interest in sending cards to family…anything that will get me moving again.

The blogger draws from life…my early cards were from photos of Buddhas, these will be a mixture.  This is watercolor pencil on watercolor postcard stock…I sent my first card off to my son without recording it.  This is the second , I am sending it to my daughter.