The Tishka Kronicles 27

I did a load of wash yesterday and left a small serving of treat at the bottom of the basement stairs.  Tishka did not come upstairs and eat any of the wet food we put out at four while we were up.  However, this morning all the food in the various sites had been eaten and the litter had been used.  So the routine was preserved.  All we know is that she will not starve but she is still hiding.

Tonight I will spend part of the night in the dining room.  I will sleep and read and see what we will see.

Cat dreams of fish….fwc_NEW


The Tishka Kronicles 26

Yesterday I had a screening colonoscopy.  Yesterday, for a good chunk at the middle of the day Frank and I were at the outpatient clinic at University Hospital so that should have been a good day for Tishka, no wild parties please.

On the other hand, Monday had to be difficult for her, at least the late afternoon going into the evening.  That is when I occupied the downstairs bathroom for several hours.  The bathroom is off the kitchen and her cafeteria shares a wall with it.  I could hear her come upstairs and eat her treat, but she did not come into the kitchen until I, finally, went up to bed.

When we came downstairs on Tuesday morning, she had eaten her kibble and used her litter, but had not ventured out much so there was food left in her bowl n the living room.

Last night, I went to bed early but Frank stayed in his study until late (for him).  He could hear her eating her snack and even her kibble.  She used the litter even while he was only a few feet away from her.  She is inching toward us.

This morning there was all the usual evidence of a cat having been in the living room, dining room and kitchen.

The tree beside our house where Tishka could be watching birds and squirrels or will be watching birds and squirrels.fwc_NEW

For my family and friends:  The screening was negative for any problems..thanks for caring.

The Tishka Kronicles 25

Yesterday I put some wet food out around 3 PM while we watched a video.  When we left for supper at Skyline the food had not been touched.  Nor was the food touched while we were at supper.  Sometime around six or so while Frank was at his computer, not far from the stairs, the food was eaten, the bowl licked clean.  We did not hear her but she had clearly been there.  I replenished the food and set out her treats and snacks as usual.

We had tea and cookies and watched TV. At nine last night, Frank headed off to bed.  I stayed up for another hour before I headed into the kitchen to wash our  tea cups.  I am not sure which of us was more surprised but Tishka was on the landing when I spotted her, I tried to play it cool and headed on upstairs to bed.

When Frank and I got up this morning, we were happy to see that she had made her usual night time rounds of treats and water and litter.  She is not as trapped as she seemed to be and is less fearful of us than we thought.  Still waiting but now we are more hopeful that this will not go on forever.Buddha

So another chalk mark…Buddha smiles at us.

The Tishka Kronicles 24

Yesterday, I did not leave any treats on the basement stairs but when we had our afternoon snack I put a bowl with a small serving of wet food at the head of the stairs and another at the usual spot in the living room.

We heard no sound from the cat.  While I was preparing our supper, I checked the bowl at the head of the stairs; it was empty.  Hoping she is getting more trusting, maybe even a little braver.  So I will offer her afternoon tea again today and see what happens.


Our weekday morning ritual…so far no cat couch potato…but working on it.

The Tishka Kronicles 23

Yesterday afternoon while I was reading in the living room and Frank was upstairs resting, I heard the unmistakable sounds of a cat using the litter box.  I waited until the sound stopped and then went to check it out.  Sure enough, Tishka had come up to the landing and used the litter.  Then, I assume she returned to her hideout.  So am I reading things into the tea leaves? Perhaps.

Since she came up to use her litter around four in the afternoon and her previous family had a snack around then, I am going to put out a wet food treat for her when we have out snack and we watch a video as an invitation to join us.

I am comfortable now with my plan to sleep in the dining room in a few days.

Another chalk mark on our wall this morning, all the usual signs of feline life during the night.

flying horse Guardian angel as a winged horse.

The Tishka Kronicles 22

This morning all was as it has been.  Food eaten, litter box used.  So planning our next strategy.  Our library friend suggested we spend time in the basement…I have spent a bit of time on the stairs, reading, but that does not seem to be a happy plan for me.  So I intend to spend the night in the dining room…sleeping and see what happens.  I have been practicing having no reaction to the cat, no eye contact, no verbal greeting.  For the next several days I will put my pillow and a blanket on the floor by the dining room table.

Tishka has shown that she is willing to eat her treats off Frank’s and my tee shirts.  We will see if my sleeping presence is a problem for her.


The Tishka Kronicles 21

Last night we put down treats for our Kool Kat on each of our tee shirts.  I was a little hesitant because of the fireworks, but decided to go ahead with our plan.  I put the treats directly on our shirts and then put out her usual wet food bowls. As I lay in bed, I listened to the barrage of fireworks which went on until a little after midnight.

This morning, when we went downstairs we found that Tishka had eaten every morsel.  She was clearly not deterred by our scent or the noise.  So we will continue to habituate her to our scent. She ate her treats, her regular wet food, her kibble and used her litter.  So we are still in a waiting game.

Our Northside parade went on despite the heat.  Frank and I sat on our front porch and didn’t venture out of the shade.  After about an hour, Frank went inside.  I stayed on the porch and watched to the end.  Lots of politicians and a few clever floats.  A used bookstore, Duttenhofers had an imaginative float using old books.  Alas, I didn’t even venture off the porch to take a photo.