The Tishka Kronicles 44

So what is new as of last night?  Tishka came upstairs and ate from the bowl at the top of the stairs while we sat in the living room watching television.  She came up and ate from the bowl three times while we were still around.  Frank was in his study on the computer but he didn’t see her and, given that he had headphones on he did not hear her either.

This is a bit bolder that she has been or maybe she is just bored and hungry.  Maybe we are building a little trust with her.  I have to keep believing that she will come around.Folly Beach

Folly beach at low tide.



The Tishka Kronicles 43

Last night Tishka came up several times to eat what was in her bowl at the top of the basement stairway. Shortly after she emptied it, I replenished it. I could hear her, but I resisted looking at her.  She did her usual night time rounds.  Not much more to say about it.  She has set up a routine for herself and by default, for us.  Right now it is working for her, less so for us.


The Tishka Kronicles -42

I dipped my finger into the jar of baby food and offered it to Tishka.  She backed away as if I had thrown boiling water at her and resettled herself a shelf further away from me, glaring, but not threatening.  My heart is moved that she is so fearful and our only wish is to help her find some comfort here.  I put some of the baby food on the shelf and left her alone.

I was concerned that she would not come upstairs during the night, but not to worry.  She made her usual rounds, even came up a bit early to eat from the bowl nearest the top of the basement stairs.

This morning when I went to check on her I did not see her in the coal bin.  When I went down a bit later she was clearly visible on the shelf as far as she could be from the door.

A sketch of a boat in Charleston’s harbor



The Tishka Kronicles-41

I have to admit that I was a bit shaken when Tishka hissed at me.  But then, I thought, well, at least she acknowledged my presence.  When Frank and I went downstairs to check in on her, she had moved to the far corner from the door and didn’t seem to say much of anything.

Tishka did not some up during the early evening, but did make her usual rounds when we went up to bed so she may have been upset, but not completely hostile to food and water.

A friend gave me a jar of baby food, pureed chicken, which she characterized as crack for cats.  She suggested I dip my finger into the jar and offer it to Tishka who should find it pretty irresistible.  I will give it a try…

the moon and grass and two cats.  monotype


The Tishka Kronicles 39

We seem to have established a pattern for now.  Is this the extent of our progress or is there more to come? I certainly hope there is more to come. Some days my patience is a little thinner than others. And again with the cloak of invisibility. I think of the prayer, “Lord, give me patience and give it to me now!”

Frank had to go down to the basement this morning to retrieve some electrical cords.  I went with him and after he found the cords he wanted, we peeked into the coal bin.  Tishka was on the top shelf directly across from the door.  We did not enter the space but could see her clearly.  Best view we have had of her for a while. We talked to her and left treats.

I turned her condo to see if I could encourage her to go to the second and third tiers…maybe. We will have to wait until tonight to see if there was a change. Not much else to do right now except put out some food in the usual places and try not to be too eager to see a cat!

A view of the marsh from Pierpont Landing, West of the Ashley, Charleston, SC. I walked to this spot every morning while I lived nearby.Charlestowne Landing


The Tishka Kronicles 38

Tishka seems to have stolen Harry Potter’s cloak of invisibility.  Last night before I went up to bed I put out all the usual bowls.  Just before going to be, when I returned to the first floor to retrieve my book all the bowls were empty.  She had only eaten the treats from the lowest level of the cat condo and they treats on the upper levels were still in place when we got up this morning.

Neither Frank nor I saw her during her evening meal run…annoying.


There was a beautiful full moon last night.  Tonight there will be a lunar eclipse and a blood moon. 

The Tishka Kronicles 37

Last night Tishka came up to eat her treat while we were watching television in the living room.  So the adventures of yesterday afternoon did not deter her from her pattern of late afternoon/early evening tea. She even came upstairs while Frank was at his computer and ate the refill while he was nearby.

We put some treats on the three levels of the cat condo in addition to the regular bowls we put out.  This morning, the treats on the two lower levels of the condo had been eaten, but not the treats at the very top.  Mostly I put the treats out to verify that she had been there and she had been, at least on the two levels. Did she look out the window?  Did she see the dog walkers or the raccoons? I hope she did.

Watching and reading the news I grieve for our world.  My spirit hurts.  Focusing on the progress of Frank’s and my relationship with our stubborn, shy cat, I feel some balance oddly restored to our psyches.  Tishka is a living thing, a creature who may be operating out of fear and caution, but she also entertains us in a way, challenges us to keep caring about her by letting her take most of the lead here.

fwc_NEWThis is a silk screen print I did many years ago for an order of service cover.  It may depict any religious leader though probably a Western one.  Here is to the human/cat spirit.