Perhaps not the best, but my favorite sleeping cat

A sketch of Lilith that I had intended to develop into a monotype.  I may still, but as I look at some old sketches I am especially happy with this one as it is for now.fwc_NEW


A watercolor of our cat

Our sweet cat Lilith has a good day followed by a bad one.  She has been a good addition to our household and as long as she seems happy, we will give her what we understand she needs.  We are grateful for another day with her.flilith2

Our weekday morning ritual

morning April 19

On weekday mornings we watch Democracy Now and I sketch, often those sketches are abstract, just doodling around but sometimes I sketch Frank or the cat.  Now that it is spring, our cat spends her time on a chair in the kitchen where she has a better view than just us…she can watch the bird feeders and the squirrels in the backyard.