Memorial to WWI/Birds and trenches

memorial Birds and trenchesMonotypes 6″x6″


3 thoughts on “Memorial to WWI/Birds and trenches

  1. Like your birds. Good color and texture.The birds printed over/under birds is great.
    Does 6X 6 inches mean these images are smaller than the others you have shown us?

    (the day after Veteran’s Day)

    • These prints are 6″x6″ squares. The others are 7″x10″ or roughly the size of my gelatin plate. Since my plate is drying out a bit as it sits, the first prints may be a bit larger. The paper is 9″x12″. I have toyed with the idea of making a larger plate, but right now I am just trying to meet the monotype groups challenge of a print a day for the month of November. (I am not putting all of the prints on this blog.) Then we will see.
      Thank you, as always for your comments.

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