Progress in Healing

Last Thursday, I went to see my doctor for what turned out to be my last scheduled visit with him for treatment of my bi-lateral fractures and the last set of X-rays.  Dr A was pleased with my progress, indicating that my bones are completely healed.  He then asked if I had any questions.  He was, I think, a little too happy to refer all my questions to physical therapy but was also happy with my progress and expressed delight that I was taking yoga twice a week. When I thanked him for all his help, he insisted that he had done nothing, it was my cooperation and follow-through that had sped my healing.  Nice, but without his guidance I would be limping more than I am.

My next stop Thursday afternoon was physical therapy.  The therapist who had seen me through so much of my recovery has returned from her maternity leave so after a quick catch up we got started. The therapist I had while E was out was good, too, but I was grateful to work with someone familiar with my particular issues even as I added new exercises to my established routine.

While I have given up my cane, I still want it now and then at the end of the day when my back aches from the swaying as I walk once I get tired.  I also want the cane to smash into the hoods of cars that insist on their right of way when I am waiting to cross the street.  I know I am hesitant as I cross certain streets, most hesitant when the cross walk is at a corner where cars can turn right on red or, even when it is prohibited, they turn right on red.  Cars rule because they are bullies. 

Risk Management here at my office has a distracted driving awareness campaign this month. The campaign includes lots of posters about how one’s brain is working on a conversation, one is not paying attention to the road.   I don’t know what the driver who hit me was doing or thinking, but I do know he claimed he didn’t see me and I think he is telling the truth, except he should have seen me, he was driving, he had a red light and he was obligated to watch the road.

My thighs, hamstrings are still screaming when I try to squat all the way down.  Every day I hope I have healed a bit more when I do a partial squat to feed my cats or clean their litter box.  I have yoga exercises to strengthen my legs and I have physical therapy exercises for them, too.  There is some overlap and I tend to think of the pt exercises in terms of yoga poses.  I work out for several minutes at work and then at home while I am doing household chores. I bought a small kneeling bench from a seed company to help me garden and I find kneeling is not so bad if I take my time and lower myself slowly to the cushion.  On the other hand, there are chores that I can do more efficiently from a squatting position.  I am still working on those muscles and acknowledge that my response is not just to pain, but to fear of pain.

We have hired a wonderful woman to clean our house once a week.  C does the things I still can’t do so well myself, such as cleaning the oven…can’t get down there, and the tub, etc. 

My camera still mocks me when I juggle into a position to take a photo.  My balance is still an issue ( no tree poses yet) and I often surprise myself when I am composing a photo through the lens and lose my balance.  But I am trying to stay positive and think now and then how far I have come and not on how far I have yet to go.  I am working to avoid sabotaging my recovery.


2 thoughts on “Progress in Healing

  1. I have been thinking about your comments for several days, delaying any comment. I’m glad and encouraged that you are progressing well, that things have become easier, even if your legs are still weak and that it affects your balance. Don’t get discouraged. But maybe get a tripod.

  2. Thank you for your encouragement. By the way, Gabe has given me two tripods….I have used them to photograph subjects in low light but haven’t carried them with me very often.

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