Forty-two percent

My plan was to tell the story of my recovery in chronological order, but now I want to skip ahead and then, maybe, return to the story in a day or two.

Tuesday my therapist and I evaluated my progress.  I have recovered roughly forty-two percent of the physical ability I had prior to being hit.  Of course I thought I was doing way better than that until I realized that I had answered all the questions according to how my body felt and responded….given that a full recovery can take eight to twelve weeks, I am doing pretty well, getting around on a cane, returned to work part-time. I just wanted to be top of my class!

I cannot walk a mile yet without difficulty.  I can almost make a mile on the treadmill but that is not the same as our bumpy sidewalk.  I cannot kneel or squat down without considerable pain.  I also lose my balance when I squat down too far.  I cannot run on even ground or uneven ground.

But I am able to prepare our meals, go for walks around the block and generally enjoy life more that I could even just a couple of weeks ago.  So, here I am back from another therapy session, hopeful as ever.


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