Long road back, with lots of help

On June 6 while walking across the street, I was hit by a car and both of my legs were broken. I had what I later learned was bi-lateral tib-fib fractures. The fact that both of my legs were broken and neither could bear weight for the early part of my recovery made healing long and complicated.

The driver of the car claims he never saw me, but that is because his focus was elsewhere. At best it is because he was focussed on making a right turn on a red light and was more concerned about on-coming traffic, at worst he was on his cell phone and oblivious to a human being in front of his car…only he knows and he probably doesn’t remember anyway. The driver of the car behind him was well aware of me in the cross walk and  has been helpful and kind.

I was fortunate in that my Doctor was willing to watch and wait before considering surgery. To avoid surgery I had a lot of work to do.  I had to go without bending my knees until my doctor gave me the all clear and then I could put no weight on either leg until the bones had mended enough to support me. and I would not crush the new bone forming at the fracture.   I spent several weeks in a Skilled Care Facility where some wonderful Occupational Therapists and Physical Therapists helped me adapt to a life with my legs sticking out straight in front of me and then, once I could bend my knees, without use of my legs.  Just as important these folks helped me keep my sanity and my spirit alive.

Now I am working with a wonderful Physical Therapist who is helping me reclaim use of my muscles.  More from my journal later.


2 thoughts on “Long road back, with lots of help

    • I will return to work next week after four months recovering. I am not all the way there yet, won’t be for quite a while but at least life will begin to feel more normal.

      Thank you for your kind words….I am enjoying following your blog.

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