Cincinnati Northside Third of July

Every year our neighborhood has a parade to celebrate the Fourth of July.  We live in a house on the main drag of Northside and the parade passes directly in front of us.  People we only see once a year come and set up lawn chairs in our front yard. This year some friends joined us  on our porch.  Since we  are near the beginning of the parade route the marchers are fresh and cheerful.

It is an amateur parade in the best sense of the word.  The people who organize it and who march in it love what they do and as far as I know there are no professional parade consultants. The parade expresses the diversity of the neighborhood and some of the floats carry a serious message, but it is also good fun.

I intend to post a variety of pictures of some of our wonderful parade entries, but I am starting with an individual whose costume refers to a recent event in Cincinnati:  A church north of here constructed a huge statue of Jesus several years ago.  It was set in a pond and was too heavy to be supported, so it was only the head and torso.  The statue’s arms were raised up in a gesture that became known locally, and to passersby on the interstate as Touch Down Jesus though I have also heard it referred to as the “Butter Jesus.”

Recently the statue was hit by lightening and burned to the ground. (The porn shop next door was left without a mark.)  Lots has been made of this event, but I really like this guy’s take on it.


singed a bit

Maybe it is my Scandinavian Heritage coming out!


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