More Political Art

Frank and I went to the Cincinnati Contemporary Art Center to see the Shepard Fairey exhibit.  It is wonderful.  It was good to see that there were a lot of people at the center, too.  The cashier at the center’s store said that more people attended the opening last night than any other opening.

I am also glad that the murals he has placed around the city will stay and be allowed to simply fade and flake away.  I hope to take photos of them over the next few months as they decay.  (A side note, there were discreet tags on the hand rails along the staircases in the center.  I recognized a couple of the signatures from some mailboxes in our neighborhood.)

I know Fairey’s work is very different in style, but the mood made me think of Goya’s so called disaster paintings as well as Soviet and Red China’s posters and maybe a little Kollwitz.  I will have to think about that and write more later.

Burma in Northside

Burma in Northside

Another admirer was also taking pictures :  An San Su Kyi is a hero to me even though she is my age.  I hope she is released soon and the Burmese people along with her.

Angela Davis

Standing watch in over the Rhine

Angela Davis stands guard in “Over the Rhine.”  This mural is directly across the street from St Mary’s Church.  What do she and Mary have to say to one another?

St Mary in her glory

Only a couple short blocks away is a poster calling for healthcare for all in the simplest and most poignant terms I can think of.

I sincerely hope that President Obama, who was served so well by Fairey’s art will respect that art and pay attention to the peaceful pleas for simple justice and caring expressed by so many people who supported his run for office and are trying to keep the faith.


A simple plea for Healthcare for all.


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