Birds in our backyard

We are enjoying the birds in our backyard and assume that they are enjoying the food Frank puts out for them.


Waiting her turn at the feeder

We have a fair variety, given we live in an urban area.  Our favorites are the cardinals, woodpeckers and finches who add color to the scene.

Red-breasted Woodpecker

Wrapped around the seeds

The red-breasted woodpecker seems huge when compared to the finches.  He pretty much dominates the feeder when he lands on it.

On the other hand, the finches seem to share pretty well.

It has been cold here and snowy.  The prediction is for yet more snow so we will keep the feeders stocked.


More birds


2 thoughts on “Birds in our backyard

  1. Oddly, our birds desert the feeders when it snows. We have been wondering where they go. They reappear when the sun shines, even before the snow melts. Rain doesn’t seem to bother them.

  2. Interesting. I have no idea why, maybe our birds just don’t have that many options when it snows! Today we are once again snowed in, my office called the day off, but the bird traffic is heavy.

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