Feeding the birds.

Frank and I had really gotten in to feeding the birds here in our backyard.  I started with a simple, cheap feeder that held thistle seed and fed the finches, mostly goldfinches who came to eat the seeds from a couple of my plants.

My brother and his wife sent us a wonderful hummingbird feeder.  The feeder is a work of art and even if no bird ever fed from it, I would keep it hanging in the yard, but we have a very active, though small population who live in the trees in our yard and feed frequently from both our flowers and our feeder.

This summer, Frank and I invested in some serious bird feeders and really enjoyed watching the variety of birds who came to eat at them.  Then the English sparrows arrived in force, muscling in and pushing the other birds out.  They even intimidated a couple of woodpeckers.

I looked on line for a remedy.  I don’t mind feeding the sparrows, but we love the diversity we had before and have become weary of the constant chatter and wealth of bird poop on our deck, etc. so we have reduced the number of feeders and the kind of food we put out.

We still feed the hummingbirds and the finches and have hung a sunflower seed sack out where our largest feeder was hanging.  We are enjoying the variety of birds who come and the reduced number of larger birds seems to encourage more hummingbirds.  When the snow falls I expect we will see what we will do next.


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