Sun Watch

Yesterday, Frank and I went up to Dayton to explore a Native American site called Sun Watch.  It was an amazing place.  On the pathway from the center to the village, there were signs relating the site to its place in history.  One of the signs indicated that the village was built at the same time as Prince John was forced to sign the Magna Carta by the Barons.  The Village only lasted about 20 years and had roughly two hundred and fifty people.

In the center of the community there is/was a group of posts which appear to act as an observatory much like Stonehenge.  It was a good day trip for us and we plan to go back.  The area Native Americans hold pow-wows and there is a Native Flute gathering.


3 thoughts on “Sun Watch

  1. I am not sure why I limited my recommendation to those who are interested in Native American life. It is an interesting place and there is a lot to see an learn about the area, the flora and fauna as well as the people who were here before us.

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