Clarice Lispector

“Thoreau found it distressing … to watch his fellowmen devote all their energies to making money for some distant future.  That people should give some thought to their future was no bad thing.  But ‘Do try to improve the present,’ he would exclaim.  Before adding ‘We are living now.’  Thoreau sadly observed: ‘Men spend all their lives hoarding treasures which will be eaten by worms, eroded by rust, or fall into the hands of thieves.’

The message is clear: do not sacrifice today for tomorrow.  If you are unhappy at present, do something about it now, because we only exist from one now to the next.”

—–Clarice Lispector


3 thoughts on “Clarice Lispector

  1. Thank you. I looked at your blog, but unfortunately I do not read Portuguese. I had read a novel by Lispector and only recently started reading her Cronicas (in translation).

    An American, I can only read French and some Magyar. Lispector came to my attention through a Brazilian friend.

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